You can buy the artworks directly by paying via Paypal. 

What are you buying?

a artwork as specified under ARTWORKS on the details of the artworks can also be found on the ARTBOXY website

What do you get for your purchase?

1. a desired artwork as a png-image file to the specified e-mail address. (Size, resolution as indicated on the website under ARTWORK).

2. a certificate of authenticity from for the purchased artwork

How does it work?

1. find your desired artwork in the list. 

2. make a note of the image code (see below).

3. click on this Paypal link

4. enter the amount 240,00 Euro (note exceptions below) AND

5. enter the code of the desired artwork and your email address.

6. PAY.

Can I receive a complete artwork, e.g. with a frame, as a canvas, as a metal print or on acrylic print?

Yes, please send me an email so that we can discuss everything necessary. The cost of the picture increases plus production, shipping and delivery. DO NOT PAY VIA PAYPAL. You will receive a daily updated offer from me. If you like the offer, only then pay via paypal and I will have the artwork sent directly to your home.